Free Flying Fun on a Gloomy Rainy Day

Yeah, you probably made paper airplanes when you were a kid. But have you sat with your kids and done that? Maybe you have. But have you taken it to the next level? we just did. Actually, I’m still playing our airplane game while letting you know about this free fun – so stop sitting at the computer and go play – here ya go:

Step one: make some airplanes. Not very good at building? try some easy how-to’s online like

Step two: sit with your kiddos and make some planes. Attach pieces of colored string on the back for extra color and something different.


Step Three: So this was Zeke’s idea. and it was a great idea! Let your planes carry notes across the room to each other. He is still busy passing me notes – I don’t mind. I’ve got a pretty cute collection of love from my son now.


So what’s the point?

Kids need us to spend time with them, play, get creative, and do something simple and memorable. It speaks so much more to them than just having fun – it says “mom takes interest in the things I think are interesting.” “Mom’s not too busy to hang out with me.” and probably the best one – “Wow, even my parents know how to have fun, and I kinda like hanging out with them.”DSCN0129


Purposeful – suggested read before you jump into my blog

What is this blog for? Why bother reading it?

DSCN0092 (somewhere in France)

I mentioned in my first post that I mean to have a purpose to these thoughts I share, words I write, and what not. Because anything worthwhile has to have some kind of purpose. Not to mention, when you put something in writing, it’s kind of permanent. Unless you delete it….but even then it’s probably still floating around out there somewhere, right?

So here’s my reasons, I’ve narrowed it down to my 4 R’s:

Reflection – when I take the time to think about events in my life, I can learn from them and share a snippet about what I’ve learned. Maybe for you, it’ll help you to know that someone else has been through a similar situation. Maybe it’ll stop you from making a similar mistake. Maybe it’ll remind you to make things important that should be important in your life. Hmm.

DSCN0543 (beach in NC, early am)

Refreshment – everyone needs a good CLEAN laugh. And yes, I plan on making fun of myself a lot on here. If there’s one thing my husband has taught me, it’s to laugh at yourself. Laugh and the world laughs with you. Fart and they all run away. But it’s also a godly trait; puffed up people have a hard time chuckling at themselves, have you noticed?

DSCN0083 (sonrise program, october 2012)

Recognition – I mentioned the military in my title. That’s because I’m married to a guy in the army. Even though I won’t be pointing out specific people, names, dates, (as much as I’d love to, people do still like their privacy in our so non-private internet world) I plan on recognizing our servicemen and the sacrifices they and their families make every day so we can continue to live with the freedoms we have as Americans. Does this mean I’m going to get political? Well, I will try to keep my comments honest, respectful, and non-sarcastic if/when I do. Please forgive me ahead of time if a rant occasionally happens. I pray for our leaders. And I will continue to exercise my freedoms of religion, political stance, and speech as a precious right.

DSCN0422 (my daughter being like papa’)

Lastly, Religion – oh no, I said it! gasp! But hang on, James 1:27 says “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.” I’d say if this defines religion, most people don’t have a problem with what that entails. But just like people thru the ages have twisted ‘religion’, I am not perfect. However, I’m not into shoving Christianity down people’s throats. But I do love Jesus. And I make no excuse for that. If you don’t share my feelings, I invite you to check out what I’ve got to say anyway. Maybe you’ll find it surprising. Maybe you’ll disagree. You won’t know unless you stick around to find out.

DSCN0062 (Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, France)

So what is this Saint Baldrick’s Head Shaving Experience you speak of?

For those of you that might not know what I was referring to in my first post, here is the St. Baldrick’s experience I had. I wrote this the day I had my head shaved. Please enjoy – and feel free to comment with something you’ve done that made an impact for yourself.


My Head Shaving Journey

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