Be Teachable

Webster’s definition:

: able and willing to learn : capable of being taught

: allowing something to be taught or learned easily

What it doesn’t mean: giving up what you know is right, compromising your morals.

I have my own definition for this I’m trying to live out: willing to change, willing to see from someone else’s perspective, and willing to let go of your pre-conceived ideas.

Soldier’s Memories

Soldier’s Memories

I’ve recently released a single, called Soldier’s Memories. And while you will see a more introductory blog about this song soon, and the partnership unfolding that will mean proceeds from the single going to benefit soldiers and their families, for now, I’m going to post some very personal thoughts about it. What I’ve written below is not directed to you, the reader. It’s a mixture of praying and reflecting. But I thought I’d let you snoop in on my thoughts and listen in:

Lord, thank you for the encouragement with the song, soldier’s memories. I’ve been a little discouraged about it. Feeling like moving forward with this song has been like fighting through a bog. But I know You have plans for it. You have people to touch in special ways with the words of this song. I’m so thankful for my dad and the way he has stepped out to use this tool. Please bless him and give him wisdom of words and understanding as he speaks with people that hear it. And thank You for the stories of how it is effecting people. Please help me to follow Your leading with it.


I want to remember a couple stories so far of my dad telling me of people hearing the song. He carries it around with him on his tablet, and plays the song for people when the opportunity is right.


My dad has told me about 3 instances now where it has impacted a person. One was in Florida for an older gentleman who was involved in the Vietnam war. My dad told me that the man was deeply touched by the song. He turned around and purchased it himself from itunes after hearing it. What it meant for him I don’t know exactly, but I do know that my dad told me the man said to say thank you for the song. It spoke to him.

The second time was for a guy at soccer practice. This man had been in desert storm in the 90’s mostly after the action. But that doesn’t mean the song didn’t effect him, that he doesn’t have wounds that need healing: after hearing the song, the man walked away to his car – forgetting his wallet and keys on the picnic table. He returned for his keys…and forgot his wallet. He came back the third time. I’d like to know what the song made him think. Lord, what does he have deep inside that he needs to give to You? Please free him from his demons and please give him the guts to open up to someone and talk about it.

The third time my dad just told me about that happened today. But before I mention it, I want to say that the song for me still holds power. God has given me those words. And once in a while, I still get choked up and cry while I play the song. Continue reading


I finished a task today I’ve been meaning to do for a while. It was one of those back burner kind of things – you know the ones. As a mom, it’s on the end of the unwritten list of things you’d like to get done, but the problem is it’s for yourself…so it does not go in priority 1,2, or 3. It’s down around 9 or 10. Why did I end up getting it done then? Well, I really didn’t want to go to the grocery store, the kiddos were playing really well together, and I’ve got the living room to prove it 🙂

I typed up the lyrics of all the songs God has given me to date. And to this day (with one more actually completed today) that totals 33. Now that doesn’t include my solo piano tunes (which the first ones are recorded, yes, and for sale at itunes and cdbaby. Shameless self-promo, insert here:, but just the words to all the songs I’ve written with, well, words.

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