I finished a task today I’ve been meaning to do for a while. It was one of those back burner kind of things – you know the ones. As a mom, it’s on the end of the unwritten list of things you’d like to get done, but the problem is it’s for yourself…so it does not go in priority 1,2, or 3. It’s down around 9 or 10. Why did I end up getting it done then? Well, I really didn’t want to go to the grocery store, the kiddos were playing really well together, and I’ve got the living room to prove it 🙂

I typed up the lyrics of all the songs God has given me to date. And to this day (with one more actually completed today) that totals 33. Now that doesn’t include my solo piano tunes (which the first ones are recorded, yes, and for sale at itunes and cdbaby. Shameless self-promo, insert here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/melissaroland), but just the words to all the songs I’ve written with, well, words.

So why am I telling you this? Because it’s a step. These songs have meaning. They could help people. Maybe even be used to change people. And I’m just taking steps to ready myself for that. You don’t go and record albums and book concerts and see God do great things and what not without taking some steps. You don’t become a famous author selling best sellers without taking some steps. You don’t save the world from some crazy virus without taking the small steps of school, study, working, etc. I think you get what I’m saying. What are your grand plans? Have you taken any steps?

Job 8:7 “Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would increase abundantly.” Sure, this is Bildad talking to Job and frankly he was mistaken in his judgement of the man that Job was, but what he said did happen. God blessed Job much more in the end of it all. I’ve heard it said, don’t despise the days of small beginnings. I’m not. I’m taking in the godly advice I’m getting, I’m cherishing the calm. I’m using this time of ‘small steps’ to remind myself why I’m even moving forward and Who gets the recognition every step of the way. So what happens next? I don’t know, haven’t crossed that path, but I’m moving forward one step at a time.

DSCN0021 pic of my journal page where I’ve kept track of the titles of songs I’ve written

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