March 6, 2014

DSCN0024 (the trees behind my house one sunrise)

Lord, as I was driving home today, listening to Phil Kaeggy and seeing all the beauty around, I said in my heart to you, “Lord, I love you.”

Immediately after a thought crossed my mind: Do you love Me or just what I make, what I do, what you have from Me?”

I have to stop and contemplate this.

I absolutely love the beauty that God creates: especially the natural wonders, the forests, mountains, sky and sunsets, the simple art that He makes in the way the sun shines through a tree over the meadow dotted with simple farmland.

These are the things God makes.

I also love where He has me in life right now: simple, raising my children, blessed, writing songs and living in Europe. Not too many cares, really, except being attentive and active about being a godly mom and wife. And slowly trying to pursue what God wants me to do with the music He gives me. But honestly, this is one of the ‘easier’ times in my life. And it’s lovely.

These are the things God is doing in my life right now.

And I am truly blessed beyond necessity. We have plenty of food. The bills are paid. we live in a beautiful home in a lovely town with very sweet neighbors. I have two healthy fun children. I have gifts from the Lord on top of these things that are just that – gifts, not everyday necessities but it’s the icing on the cake.

These are the things I have from God.

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What Zeke said at Dinner Tonight – or, I love the random things my kids say


“Mamma, We should write a book about my problems.”

“Sure, Zeke, what kind of problems?”

“You know, my problems in life.”

“Okay, what will the first chapter be?”

“It’ll be called: Where Cloe Eats One of My French Fries.”

(Cloe quickly placed a french fry back on his plate)