So I will admit. I’ve had a tough time deciding to post anything after that last poem. I sincerely don’t want to fill the time and air with pointless babbling. I’ll save that for other places – like my journal, where it doesn’t take from your precious time if this blog happens to intrude into your world. Now if someone so chooses to read the random thoughts there, I cannot take the blame for such things. They can do so at their own risk. So here is me, stopping the babble. And now saying something interesting, maybe even important.

My son is such an amazing example to me of being Unashamed: he will dance if he wants to dance, sing, speak what he thinks, and tell people about Jesus if they don’t know about Him.

It is such an inspiration to me at times. Like today, he had been talking to a little girl on the play ground while we were watching Brasil against Chile (what a great game that was!) – and he comes running up to me with this statement:

Mom, I need a Bible quick, so I can tell this girl about Jesus. She doesn’t know who He is!

In that moment, I realized the beauty of his lack of self-awareness. How many times do I shy away from saying things to people because I’m worried what they will think of me? And what an example my little guy was of what we should be focused on! She doesn’t know who He is: that should also hold such emergency in our minds  that it overcomes any self-consciousness we use as an excuse to keep it in.

Then he did something later on that night before we left.

He got up on the table and danced, face gleaming with a huge smile.

Zeke was enjoying life to the full, and he couldn’t contain it. The music, the cheering, and he followed suit and expressed his happiness in his individual way. Am I full of joy or happiness and do I let it show? Or again, DO I CARE more about what other people think?

I hope you find opportunities to not be ashamed: well, unless you are much older than eight and are still dancing on tables. But you know what I mean. Find ways to step out and show people how Jesus’ love is in you. Then reply to this post with a way you overcame your self-consciousness, and unashamedly shared.

So many words…

I hesitated to share this poem I wrote the beginning of this month, but then my husband reminded me that encouragement and truth don’t always come in soft cuddly packages. This poem is a reminder for myself as well. And I am not looking to ‘attack’ anyone. But if the words here strike a chord, maybe consider them before you write it off and tune it out. I have to do this myself, and remember to consider my words.



5 Minutes!

It’s been a busy day… I mean, weekend…. I mean, week. But I want to talk about a lot less time than that. Let’s talk about 

                                        5 Minutes time pic jpeg

Sometimes, I pretend that I don’t even have 5 minutes. My daughter will ask me to sit and paint a picture with her. Or my son will want to read a book. Or my neighbor just needs to chat. Or my husband could use a hand on the car for a second. But no matter how busy my planner gets, I really do have an extra five minutes. It took longer than that to write this post. It takes longer to read a list of facebook status meaningless sentences. It takes longer to check the weather. But what am I going to spend those 5 minutes I have between dishes, laundry, appointments, emails, school, music, and what not? If I can’t give someone 5 minutes of my time, I am using my time the wrong way. So what can you do with 5 minutes of your day? 

Taking Time

DSCN0125Today, I spent 8 hours of my day hanging out and talking to a real person, a true friend. My husband and I had some friends over, the kids were all playing outside, all day long, and we enjoyed everyone’s company. But one individual, one friend and her two children stayed and spent time – quantity time. We did not watch a movie, we didn’t look at you tube videos, we shared our experiences and thoughts together, our struggles and victories as moms, we talked about hopes and priorities.

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