More Spurgeon Inspiration

As I continue to read Charles Spurgeon‘s sermons on “The Life and Works of our Lord Jesus Christ” God continues to give me poems, like the first one I shared (“God gave God“) based on the powerful ways he states biblical truths. Here is the paragraph from the book that inspired this poem:

“Blessed be God, we can be thus saved. Our entrance to heaven can be as justly secured as our banishment to hell was rightly deserved. How justice and peace have kissed each other is now made known. That secret is told us in the Word of God. Is it not written on the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ?”

“I know that I speak to many who long to be saved; but will you give up your sin? For Christ has come to save Him people from their sins. If you do not wish to be saved from sinning [turn], then you will never be saved from damning [burn].”

And so, with that quote, here is Turn or Burn, a poem I wrote on June 5th 2014:

Turn or Burn

More Free Fun on a Rainy Day

It’s been raining here in Germany non-stop for forever. Well, okay, for three days.

And we are definitely over the rain 🙂 but that doesn’t stop us from having fun! Remember my post about flying fun? Well, this is some other fun to have when it rains: The already white and grey sky was starting to get rain-like clouds – again – and my husband decided it was the perfect time to let the kids camp outside.

DSCN0134So he went to work setting up the tent for them as they ran around ‘helping’ and telling every neighbor who dared to pop their head out “We’re camping outside!!” Now I do have to say, we miss the desert camping we would do, New Mexico was such a great place to go camping! I’ll have to share some photos of that sometime.

But backyard camping can be fun too: I actually recommend backyard camping for a rainy night! The sounds, the smells, it just makes me appreciate the rain that before, from being stuck inside, I was resenting. As a matter of fact, it didn’t just end up being a ‘rainy night’. We started to see some pretty good wind and dark clouds – even a little lightening – and so what did we do? Pack it up and say, eh, it’s a little too stormy out here….

No way! We hurried to throw up the other tent so we could sleep outside too!



DSCN0130 As we were finishing up, the wind was blowing a pretty decent amount, and our wonderful German neighbor (I love him, he’s great) came over to let us know – “You know, there is a big storm tonight.” Yes, yes we do know 🙂

We all snuggled in the kids tent for a little, watched this ‘Dick Van Dyke Show‘, then prayed and tucked them in and ran through the rain to our own tent. And no, we don’t do things normal (where is the fun in that?!); we had taken apart our couch cushions to sleep on in our own tent. It worked very well.

I loved laying there, listening to the rain, watching the lightening, and being with my family in our silly, and FREE!, fun. I gotta say, I slept so good that night. If this rain keeps it up, I can see this happening again this weekend…


So what about you? What kind of Free Fun for a Rainy Day can you come up with?



What do you Stand for?

Yes, this is my second ‘political’ post in a row. Uh-oh. That might label me as a fanatic. That might stop some of you from reading my blog anymore. But I feel very strongly about what I am supposed to Stand for.

People stand for so many things – to applaud a great show, to greet people when they walk in the room, in the middle of a discussion when things start to get heated, when the national anthem plays, etc. Taking a stand can have a lot of meaning.

What do you stand for?

I’ve been signing a lot of petitions lately. Like ACLJ‘s petitions against the IRS scandals and their fight for pro-life. And Susana Martinez petition for New Mexico residents to stand for our gun rights. And also, I’m taking a stand with the citizens of Murrieta (this hits close to home for me as I spent one year living in Murrieta as a kid) and signed Grassfire’s petition in their current fight for their city (you can read more about that on Liberty News.) In this kind of Standing, I’m choosing to associate myself with the political beliefs I say I have. I’m doing a little something about that, and saying, yes, I will stand next to these people who are standing up for rights, and standing against those who want to take away those rights.

Another way to stand is to speak. Share with your friends the information you get about what is going on. And say something! I’m not afraid to speak, it’s my God-given right. That is why I posted my thoughts in We the People earlier this week. And that’s why I’m saying something now. A fellow blogger of mine, Grace for Elle, is speaking out with her husband in a huge way, with a film about standing for our freedoms coming out on July 18th called Persecuted. Please take the time to watch the trailer for this movie HERE.



I have to add to this one more thing. I had a verse in my head all day after writing this post about standing. Yes, it’s important to take a stand in these political things. It’s of much more importance to take a stand for believing in God, and to stand against attacks on that belief – and we do so in God’s power and might that was exemplified in sacrifice and love. Ephesians 6:10-13 says,

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”



We the People

As we celebrated 4th of July yesterday, it was a

very special time. The base here in Germany did

a great job. But I have one thing that I have to say

that didn’t go so very well:

When the fireworks started for the end of the celebration, the music did not reflect the reason. Instead of patriotic songs that embody the celebration of our Independence day, the tunes varied from latin pop to electra to a couple instrumental American melodies, but then back to “I’m sexy and I know it.” I was angered, disappointed, and even spoke out about it at first. As did two of the ladies who were with me. When the inappropriate  songs started, we  sang over it at the top of our lungs, “God bless America” and then “Your’e a grand Ol’ Flag.” At first it seemed to have an effect. That’s when about 9 minutes of songs meant for a 4th of July fireworks began. But then the music took a turn again – we just sat and shook our heads.


Why does this matter, you may wonder? I’ll tell you why it is important: because when we allow even small be-littlings such as these to taint the sacredness of the value of our freedoms, our justice and our liberty that was fought for and died for by so many, we are leaving room for someone else to speak for us and take those rights away. It’s just an example of what is happening in our country as people continue to be silent and be willing to suffer unnecessary abolishment to our liberty and freedom.

33-1196545384 There are many strong words that can be said, and have been said, concerning this important day in American History, and how we should celebrate it. I ran across a blog though that I feel already says it so well, so please go visit Holly’s site and read her post in it’s entirety. But I’ll quote a few things she had to say about the 4th of July here:

“…as the tide of radical Islam spreads rapidly and our government continues to fail our trust, this year is as good as any to remember “We the People.”…We the People can do anything.  In this so-called information age, the common person is as uninformed as ever….We the People have grown accustomed to a government that grows more tyrannical every day.  We accept overreaches of our government, breaches of the Constitution, and the decaying of our values because they are not gross in comparison to the last overreach, breach, or decay…. The “He” we face today is that bulbous, stinking, out of control federal mass that recreates and mutates into an uglier, more sinister cancer all the time.  Wake up.  Talk with your family and friends.  Get informed.  This is the only way to reverse our course in a prudent and peaceful way.”

No Reason :)


Okay, I’m going to admit to you, I have nothing pointed to say, no focus for this post, no reason or great inspiration to share. I just wanted to give you something.          

A photo to say, “breathe.” A song to say “relax.” And some scripture to say “be encouraged.”