Sitting on the Edge: By Cheryl

I asked, and you’ve started sharing! Thank you! So here’s the first, ‘Sitting on the Edge’ By Cheryl:


“Right now in my life we are facing several unknowns….

The edge of a new adventure in business for my husband.
The edge of a new job working for an established entity with its rules, regulations, and protocol; for my husband. He has for most of his life run his own company.
The edge of Life itself ending for my aging Mother , who is 96.
The edge of discovering how I can juggle  time for art, caring for my Mom, helping at the office, being there for my grandchildren, and now perhaps the addition of some temporary house guests.
Life does that. Deals out surprises both good and not so good. We are forever on the edge of self-discovery as we rise to the challenges that God allows in our life. Living on the Edge causes me to look up, not down. To take note of where I am going, not where I have been. There is no place my foot can go but God knows it already and has prepared a foothold for me to continue my upward climb. What heights I can soar to! What vision and clarity there is on the top of the precipice!
Facing life’s challenges is only successful if I face them with the Lord. He is my rock, my fortress, my ever present help in time of need. And I need Him more than ever when I find myself on the Edge. “

Your Participation, Please

DSCN0186Spring is about to be sprung, it’s time to go outside. We’re sitting on the edge of winter, and there’s actually been sunshine here where I live for 3 days in a row now (okay, followed by the usual afternoon clouds, but this is Germany). I prefer the actual warm weather, but with a jacket, gloves, and scarf, those sun rays are almost enough to stand in and soak up and distribute a little hopeful heat!

Okay, to explain the title and the photo. I was looking through my pictures for something that I felt would relay this feeling of being ready to enjoy nice weather, go out and spend time with my children in the great outdoors, and the sentiment of looking forward to the change. At first, I thought of sharing photos of sunshine, but then I saw this, and I like the idea it portrays of everyone looking out, on the edge (my daughter made these cute foil creations, by the way). I think ‘Sitting on the Edge’ hits home for me in a few ways: the change in the weather, some things I’m waiting on to happen (moving forward with my music, for one). But that’s not what this post is really about. So, about the title:

I’d love to have your feedback, so here’s my first attempt at ‘crowd participation’ 🙂 If, when you’ve read this post, you have something to say about 1) the photo and what it says to you or 2) what ‘Sitting on the Edge’ can look like right now in your life, I want to share it. So when I’ve had some replies, I’m going to post this again, but with your thoughts and words. So we don’t spoil the surprise, send me an email with what you want to say: And when I have some thoughts to share, I’ll repost! Looking forward to hearing from you –