Secret Santa Blog Day

What a great opportunity to share some thoughts; mark May 20th in your calendar to search wordpress blog world for the tag “Secret Santa Blog Day”

Just me being curious

How much love is there in this church of blogs? How much trust? How much is it really “about the cause and not the applause”? (thank you, Melissa:

After Susan’s great guest post (, He whispered two words: “Secret Santa”. That annual “work tradition” (where I come from). You are given a name, and you buy a gift, and on the same day – everyone gathers together and opens these “anonymous” gifts.

And then He left this (draft post) to simmer gently for a couple of months. Now I find the timer pinging …

Secret Santa Blog Day

You write a post which is published on someone else’s blog – you receive a post someone else has written and publish it on your blog – all published on the same day.


The content of these blogs is clear: it is about the cause not the applause. So what…

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Darn this blogging! And finding out there is quite a bit of great stuff to read online. And not feeling the least inclination to watch mindless Youtube funny videos, tune out to a Netflix show, or play stupid Facebook games.

Now of course there’s also a lot of things I can waste my time reading. But content aside for a second (technically this post has no true content, so bear with me) I am becoming so strong of an advocate to READ! You can listen to your favorite music and read; you can sip your favorite relaxing beverage and read, you can even read with others! It doesn’t have to be a solitary thing. Although my favorite times to take in a book are late and by myself. Or out in the sun on a blanket with my kids enjoying their own latest story of choice.

But what does the blogging have to do with a strengthened desire to read? Well, because even when i think I’m in the mood to kick back and not engross my mind in the thinking processes necessary to take in Dostoevsky, I am discovering I still don’t want to tune out on making little marbles line up with colors. I want to hear what someone had to type. Light enough to not tax my thinking powers, but just enough thought-provoking to keep relaxed and engaged at the same time. And usually short enough to get through a few before I shut down the screen and hit the pillow.

So cheers to you bloggers, thanks for sharing thoughts, ideas, and experiences. You’ve grown me a little.

(okay, 2 last things to say: this picture I’ve been dying to use ever since my friend forwarded it to me a couple of months ago. yes, that was ours to enjoy together over fajitas, but it’s okay, all was fine in the end… nothing ruined. And second, a little challenge: are you looking for mindless entertainment? Instead of couch-potato posture over something that not just wastes time but possibly braincells, try reading about a subject you find interesting. Start light, and see where it leads)

I want to be caught….

…In the act of walking an old woman across the street. I don’t want to be caught gobbling down ice cream reading Facebook statuses. I want to be caught hiding notes in my kids’ bags. I don’t want anyone to stumble upon me as I’m screaming at my 9 year old. I want someone to surprise me as I’m busy helping a toddler pick up their toy cars they dropped.

I want to be so involved in the act of giving of myself that I get caught with my hand in the cookie jar, filling it up for others to enjoy.


(love this photo, ‘caught’ this is France – a great picture that says, take the time to think about others, even if it stops you on your busy way. the lovely older lady took 2 green lights to get in, but we didn’t mind at all. kind of like enjoying a cookie ;))

April Fool’s, weather-style

Last year, I did some fun April Fool’s jokes on my kids that I found from the internet. This year, I had nothing planned – it kind of took me by surprise. But not as surprised as German weather’s own April fooling…here’s a little video I made very quickly this morning:



And it continued all day too! Sun…no, snow! ….. no, rain…. no more sun…. no, actually snow, at 6.5 Celsius?? Strange, foolish weather 🙂