Just Say No….


So, I have to tell you, no, REI did not pay me to write this blog 🙂 But I was just so happy to see what they decided to do: REI will not be opening their doors the day after Thanksgiving for a mad rush of shoppers. And I like that. I’m going to take their example and be home, or outside with my family. Want to join your voice and say what a great thing this is? You can make your own nifty photo saying too! Go to http://optoutside.rei.com/join-us/select-image where you can upload your own image (like I did) or use one of theirs. Then tell others! I think we might get this old-fashion goodness of a true holiday to catch on! And next, here’s another opportunity to speak out: when you make your picture, tell me! I’d LOVE to have some guest posts for the next few weeks of why it’s important to you to #optoutside for Black Friday.

Old Friends…

I’ve been working on writing my ‘life story’ – at least the main part, married life, military life, living around the world a little bit. And as I write, it reminds me of all those important, dear people who I’ve met along the way. Each person that enters your life for a time, any amount of time that they spend in your life, is meaningful. When was the last time you wrote an email to your college friend that helped you make it through that first year? Have you ever called the friends whose kids were little with yours, as you got together for coffee and watched your toddlers play with trains and run in sprinklers together? When was the last time you let someone know ‘I was thinking about you, and I miss you!’ that you may not have seen in years?

I know some of you will not be able to relate. You’ve been in the same town, around the same people, and with the same routine for as long as you care to remember. It’s the weirdos like me that float in and out of your daily life. But for most people who have their life connected to military life, this is hardly ever the case. Or maybe you’re not in any way attached to a branch of service, but you could be titled a ‘drifter’ as well – and the people that come and go can either have great impact on you or none at all.

But all of us have a common thread, I guarantee: there are people that used to be in our lives, and for no dramatic reason, have floated out. I’ve seen all the emails and inspirational explanations for the ‘seasons of certain people’ but I’m going to raise the flag on it a little bit. Sometimes, we allow people to become a season because we are not taking the time to tend the garden. But I am telling you and me, don’t let a person become a past actor in your life story. Give them a call. If they’ve been in your mind or entered your thoughts, then let them know. You just might be rekindling a very good thing.

my daughter and I at Seewald Lake near Nagold

my daughter and I at Seewald Lake near Nagold