The beginning of a new adventure


2 years of working in a studio in Germany, preceded by at least 3 other attempts to record this album in the states, and so many small stories of how God brought this about along the way: all to finally be realized just a few short weeks ago while in my favorite place in the world, Siracusa.

Okay, there is the snapshot. Now what am I talking about? I’m talking about my new album Let Go and Try Againcd cover Let Go and Try Again.jpg





I have to pause there and just say a quick prayer: Thank you, Lord, so much for making this happen. It’s all You, and all for You, and all because of You. Amen. and wow…

Now, where was I? Oh yes, this adventure. Well, I’ve talked about writing songs before and I’ve focused in on one song in the past, Soldiers Memories. But now, there’s an entire album of songs that tell you a story. And the story is about Letting Go and Trying Again.

The first part of that story is to recognize that we are all on a journey (I know I am not the first person to say that ever). That journey of life is leading each of us to the end. There are so many people out there that believe the journey ends when you die. That’s it, finished. I hope you would consider that it’s quite possible (I believe firmly it’s very true, not just probable) that our end is just the beginning. We each have a destination, and this journey will lead us there, the choices we make and the paths we decide to take will end somewhere for eternity: either eternity with Jesus…or without.

I was thinking about all this when I wrote the words to the song, The Journey, the first track on this album. My thoughts were mulling over all the crazy unexpected turns my own life had taken. The couple of weeks before, we had just finished digesting the news that we’d be moving to Germany for a few years, got kids passports, decided to leave our sweet dog with wonderful friends, packed up a trailer, and headed back to New Mexico to finish packing the rest of our belongings for this next bend in the road. Along the way, we were able to stop and say hello to a few dear friends scattered now over Texas, as well as my husband’s grandma for possibly the last time. As I thought about all of this, God gave me words to describe it all:

The temporary life, ’cause everybody dies

One day sooner or later

It’s the only guarantee so why do people seem to be

Scared to talk about the future after.

The words continue to talk about all the miles we go leading up to a point: that point, when we die, that we have to give an answer to the Creator, the Lord of all, for what we did along our journey. And there is only one key that will get us into a destination with Him. That is His very own Son, Jesus Christ. Read what He had to say about Himself in John 8-15. He has come to set you free, to give you life, and He’s the only one who can make your journey have meaning.

Then, the little adventures (and misadventures!) along the way have so much more value – I’m so very thankful for the one that I’m on right now.

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