God makes messy things…

img_0437.jpgBeautiful. And even when I can’t see the beauty just yet in the circumstances around me, I’ve seen it enough in the past to know He can take this current mess and create lovely things from it. The hurt, the disaster, the disappointment, and the struggle is not beyond the well-known promise in Romans 8:28 – For I know. Do I know it? All things working together for good? I do. I pray that God would keep growing my trust in Him that even all of these things, this time around, will work out to glorify Him.

In the middle of the mess I currently find myself in, I took a very slow, contemplative walk home from my train ride this last Saturday. I am normally a charger on the path: not that day. I needed reflection, I needed time to listen to God. As I walked, I took notice of all the different insignificant wildflowers growing along the sidewalk. I began picking samples. The intricacy and uniqueness in these springtime blossoms that nobody tended, nobody planted, nearly nobody takes notice of, shouted to me during my walk that God cares. Lord, You care? You care that my friend is in trouble? You care that I am having such a hard time getting through the bureaucracy to help her? Looking again at the details and attention the Creator gave to these perishing little ground decorations, I understand more clearly: God cares more than I ever could. I breathe in the truth deeply. I trust. I let go of the burden a little.

So I share these words, to remind myself to keep trusting: God hasn’t stopped caring. I pray you are reminded too, by these pictures and words, that you have a Father in heaven who cares, and who can make all your messy things beautiful.


ps – a group called “Slugs and Bugs” put this into a really great song, check it out!



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