Back to life as….normal?

So I’ve never re-blogged before. I’m kind of glad that this particular post gets to be the first one, the spearhead of sharing again something worth saying twice. The how that happened is actually quite hilarious. You see, we were eating dinner, using our humor and wit to tease my son about his love of a certain song that he sings quite, um, frequently, when my almost 14-year old daughter turns her fork mid-sentence in the direction of the floor. Yes, that fork was holding…….food.
A memory flashes through my mind of a time I wrote about just such an occurrence. And amid us laughing and telling Cloe to clean up her mess, I grab the computer to share with my family these words written three years ago. And what happened next was beautiful. I got the chance to teach my now older kids something about diligence. And then, something even more beautiful followed: my daughter responded by letting me know that I’ve been working toward this. She says that my reactions to her mistakes are different. In fact, just before we began our family meal, she had prayed and thanked God for the lessons I teach her. So, I’m letting you know how it is going (because, of course, this is an ongoing process) with my pursuit of diligence. I hope you are inspired to diligently try it yourself.


Christmas is over. New year’s is over. Family visiting is over. School break is over. So what’s new? Back to the usual routine, I guess. But what should ‘usual’ look like? I honestly hate routines. I am not the kind of person who derives energy and comfort from same ol’ – same ol’. Unless it’s my coffee every morning, but I’m pretty sure that’s the only exception.

So how do I keep from routine becoming mundane?

          What’s the secret to life staying jazzed in the midst of housework, mom-duties, and homeschooling?

                        What can keep me involved and putting effort into parenting, cleaning,

and life in general??

I think the key will be a word that keeps re-occuring in my thoughts this week: DILIGENCE. Sorry, I know that doesn’t sound as exciting as you…

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