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(January 4, 2018) UPDATE! Almost 2 years ago already (it doesn’t feel that long at all!) “Let Go and Try Again” was released. melissaroland3.jpgIt’s entertaining to me that it took almost two years to record this project, and it has taken almost equal amount of time for me to add that to this About my: music. This cd was recorded in the home studio of Don Newby, with guest drummer Ahmod Goins (an old friend of mine, you are the bomb!) sending us his beats from North Carolina, and wonderful German friends giving of their time and talents: truly, an international endeavor, with help from all over. So far, in this blog, I’ve shared two posts that tell some introductory stories relating to this album. I am hoping in the near future to add a snippet about each song. The cd is right now only available through CD baby (the link above), but if you are interested in a physical copy, please contact me. My husband and I are slowly but surely working on a second album – this time recorded from our very own home.

I’ve been writing songs for a while. It started with solo piano tunes. I’ve been playing the piano since I was 4 years old, and I’ve always loved it – and God has blessed me with a gift for creativity and ease at playing the piano. I am not the pianist who can do absolutely anything with the white ivories, or play every Mozart and Tchaikovsky pieces with ease. But I can say God has given me a talent for playing music that reaches the soul and brings calm and refreshment. I mostly enjoy playing my own tunes, and making up songs. But I also love playing with other people, I miss very much playing with a fellow guitarist who is part of a duo called “Acoustisaurus“. I’ve also enjoyed being a part of various praise bands over the years. Some highlights for me have been releasing a first album in 2002, with the help of my dad (available online to purchase at Cdbaby or send me a personal message). And even before that, doing a home studio project with my sister-in-law, another talented pianist, Jennifer Haines. And now, I’m working on cd projects once again, after a long break from pursuing things musically. I will keep that updated for future releases, just check in time to time to see when that will happen.

When I was 12, I also began learning to play the guitar – from whoever would teach me, as well as mostly self-taught. My reason for learning guitar was to be able to play contemporary worship songs and have an instrument with travel-ability. So that’s been my focus as far as the songs I’ve learned. (UPDATE: I’ve also picked up the ukulele, an even easier instrument to travel with!). The song-writing God gives me happens now (2014-2018) mostly on the guitar, but I am still writing a few songs on the piano occasionally.

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