Homeschool idea for spelling!

So I noticed that we are behind in spelling – for both kids. So I am going to deduce that the problem is with the teacher. And after much thought, the teacher (okay, yes, that’s me) has decided spelling needs to be more fun. I google searched ‘homeschooling – how to make spelling fun’ and as I’m reading suggestions, a light-bulb! moment came to me as my own idea popped in my head:

Using scrabble game pieces and board, we are going to play ‘spelling’ instead of scrabble. And we’ll do this a few different ways.

1) while learning the words – let children take turns putting a word on the board, and the next child can connect their word wherever they want to the first word. When no more words can be made, you can add up the points and give a little prize to the person with the most. Wipe the board clean and keep playing until the list is practiced!

2) when time for testing – have the child pick the letters to correctly put the words on the board as you read them. Give extra points for correctly spelled the first time, but each word gets 2 tries before the next person gets to go.

So we’re going to start playing this with our spelling words 🙂 I think it’s going to be fun. Here are some other resources I found when looking for more ideas:

Creativity with School :)

Something I did with my kids today during science, (we are doing Exploring Creation With Botany by Apologia):

me: “okay, so for this section, ‘Thirsty Trees,’ I want you to take a drink of water every time I say water or drink or thirsty.”


result: much more sips than my daughter’s mouth could hold…hee hee hee.
interesting fact: most trees transpire – that means, put back in the air – around 90% of the water they take in.


correlation: My daughter ended up giggling…and transpiring 90% of her water.


But I’m pretty sure she’ll remember the lesson on Thirsty Trees.