A Pause for a Poem – “Imperfect Soldier”

Just felt like sharing one of my older poems I wrote. Been feeling a little bit like I can’t keep up, I’m not doing my best, I’m not necessarily failing at what I do, but I am not all-together happy with the end results either. If you, too, are feeling this way, I hope these words lift you up a little and point you in the right direction.


photo taken on my way home one evening

More Spurgeon Inspiration

As I continue to read Charles Spurgeon‘s sermons on “The Life and Works of our Lord Jesus Christ” God continues to give me poems, like the first one I shared (“God gave God“) based on the powerful ways he states biblical truths. Here is the paragraph from the book that inspired this poem:

“Blessed be God, we can be thus saved. Our entrance to heaven can be as justly secured as our banishment to hell was rightly deserved. How justice and peace have kissed each other is now made known. That secret is told us in the Word of God. Is it not written on the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ?”

“I know that I speak to many who long to be saved; but will you give up your sin? For Christ has come to save Him people¬†from their sins. If you do not wish to be saved from sinning [turn], then you will never be saved from damning [burn].”

And so, with that quote, here is Turn or Burn, a poem I wrote on June 5th 2014:

Turn or Burn

So many words…

I hesitated to share this poem I wrote the beginning of this month, but then my husband reminded me that encouragement and truth don’t always come in soft cuddly packages. This poem is a reminder for myself as well. And I am not looking to ‘attack’ anyone. But if the words here strike a chord, maybe consider them before you write it off and tune it out. I have to do this myself, and remember to consider my words.