My Personal Study thru the Book Of Mark

I’ve decided to share my personal time with God with you as I’ve been going through the gospel of Mark. I write in my journal the thoughts and challenges I have for myself as I am reading this book again. These may be longer posts since I’ll include the scripture passages in case you don’t have a Bible in front of you and want to use this as a devotional for yourself. And please remember I am not a Bible scholar, so I am not perfect in the way I say things or present my notes. This is just the things that stand out to me as I read.

I’m going to be leaving this area pretty media free. It’s not going to be laid out in a way that appeals to your entertainment. It’s just God’s Word and my reflection on it. But I do welcome your comments, if you have things to add/share. I won’t be approving any minor theological debates though. I won’t be attacking any stand point or view (as long as it’s one that can be founded in scripture). This is not my opportunity to get on a soap box about my lesser opinions on calvinistic, armininiastic, predestination, end times pre-trib, post-trib, and free will-y subjects (sorry, had to add the humor). I only want to delve into God’s Word and see plainly what it has to say and what it’s saying to my life.

I hope the words I share encourage and challenge you, as they have for me.

One thought on “My Personal Study thru the Book Of Mark

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