It’s Christmas! Time for the Impossible


So it’s Christmas again! Merry Christmas everyone! As I sat here Christmas Eve morning, I opened my favorite book, Absolute Surrender, by Andrew Murray, to randomly read a chapter this morning. The chapter I fell upon was “Impossible with man, possible with God.” That is the message of the virgin birth, the baby who is God, the focus of Christmas (at least in our home, and maybe in yours too). Jesus is the reason for the season, and the message is twofold: 1) For God so loved the world that He gave… and the second, just like the angel told Mary when bringing her the good news 2) For with God, nothing is impossible.

I am praying for family members and friends to give their lives to Jesus this Christmas. Because nothing is impossible with God. We are having close to 40 people coming over to show them love on Christmas Day – because nothing is impossible with God. My friend is praying for God to heal my shoulder, because nothing is impossible with God. I am praying for God to restore a friend’s marriage, for another friend’s paperwork, for another friend’s father who needs a kidney: and I bring all these requests to my Heavenly Father. Because nothing is impossible with God! He proved this over 2000 years ago when a virgin gave birth to Immanuel, God with us, Jesus, Savior of the world!

“Look at the birth of Jesus. That was a miracle of divine power, and it was said to Mary: ‘With God nothing shall be impossible.’ It was the omnipotence of God. Look at Christ’s resurrection. We are taught that it was according to the exceeding greatness of His mighty power that God raised Him from the dead….I want to call upon you now to come and worship an Almighty God. Have you learned to do it? Have you learned to deal so closely with an Almighty God that you know omnipotence is working in you?” (Andrew Murray, Absolute Surrender)

I challenge you today and tomorrow to dwell on God’s amazing, incredible, all powerful ability to do anything and everything, far above what we can think or imagine. When you think about this, can you say you have submitted to Him, recognized the impossibility with you to make sense of life, and depend on the only One who can make all things possible? He is waiting for you to surrender your soul, your life, your will, your heart to Him, so that He can do an impossible work in you as well. He loves you, and He is ready to show you the amazing difference that can make in your life. Start at the manger. Go to the cross. And walk with God.


More Spurgeon Inspiration

As I continue to read Charles Spurgeon‘s sermons on “The Life and Works of our Lord Jesus Christ” God continues to give me poems, like the first one I shared (“God gave God“) based on the powerful ways he states biblical truths. Here is the paragraph from the book that inspired this poem:

“Blessed be God, we can be thus saved. Our entrance to heaven can be as justly secured as our banishment to hell was rightly deserved. How justice and peace have kissed each other is now made known. That secret is told us in the Word of God. Is it not written on the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ?”

“I know that I speak to many who long to be saved; but will you give up your sin? For Christ has come to save Him people from their sins. If you do not wish to be saved from sinning [turn], then you will never be saved from damning [burn].”

And so, with that quote, here is Turn or Burn, a poem I wrote on June 5th 2014:

Turn or Burn

Life’s Bumps and Turns


The Wrong Place

At the Right Time….And the ways God uses the mishaps, speed bumps, and what not

Okay, so the pictures have nothing to do with the experiences I’m about to tell you. But I think it is an appropriate (and humorous) reminder that not everywhere you go and everyone you meet are just happenstance. Look around for the ways that God intends for you to be an example of His presence and love. He has so many people He’s speaking to every day. And if we take a minute to look up or give someone a chance, we will be part of that communication. And just being a part is so rewarding, as was my experience here:

There are two things that have happened in the past couple weeks that I want to tell you. Both were related in that the misdirection and difficulties were leading to telling two strangers the same message: Jesus cares about you so much, He brought me here at this time just to tell you, He loves you.

The first happened on a normal day: our little family went out to purchase a grill for the summer and a German picnic table. I couldn’t find a large cart to save my life to carry the picnic table to the register. In fact, I was beginning to get frustrated with this – and for the second time that I went outside, I found one!.. just to  see that I didn’t have the right change to get the cart. But God placed this delay there on purpose; because, on my way back to the Jeep, I asked a family for change for my 2 euro coin. We talked a little as they spoke English and the wife is Filippino. Then I went back in with the cart, loaded up with my husband and kids, and headed to the cash register. Well, when we went back to the car, I felt a tugging to write the family a note and give them a cd of my piano music – which I had just ‘happened’ to put in my purse before we left the house earlier. And you know what? God ordains every detail just perfectly – I couldn’t find a pen, wrote the note on the back of an envelope with a crayon, and then (AFTER I was finished) my husband realized I needed a better writing utensil. So he uncovered a pen and real paper 🙂 and I wrote it again. God had this other little speed bump for a reason: as soon as I finished writing the note to tell this family about the Lord, they came to their car. So I spoke with them in person. I asked the man if he has a relationship with Jesus. He said no. Then I told him that the Lord cares for him so much, that God ordered my steps just so in order for me to tell him that – that Jesus loves him and has a plan for him.

The second similar circumstance happened just the other day. We were spending our last day with some dear friends from Italy who had come for a visit. Our last day was spent in Frankfurt, and we were all tired and heading back to the hotel on the tram. As this was our first time in this big city, I wasn’t totally sure of what tram to take, and I’ll admit – I am horrible with directions. As we were discussing and making sure we had taken the right train, a lady overheard us and informed us that we were going in the opposite direction than we wanted. So we file out of the train…just to find out it was the right train after all, and the lady had misunderstood where we were going. Continue reading

March 6, 2014

DSCN0024 (the trees behind my house one sunrise)

Lord, as I was driving home today, listening to Phil Kaeggy and seeing all the beauty around, I said in my heart to you, “Lord, I love you.”

Immediately after a thought crossed my mind: Do you love Me or just what I make, what I do, what you have from Me?”

I have to stop and contemplate this.

I absolutely love the beauty that God creates: especially the natural wonders, the forests, mountains, sky and sunsets, the simple art that He makes in the way the sun shines through a tree over the meadow dotted with simple farmland.

These are the things God makes.

I also love where He has me in life right now: simple, raising my children, blessed, writing songs and living in Europe. Not too many cares, really, except being attentive and active about being a godly mom and wife. And slowly trying to pursue what God wants me to do with the music He gives me. But honestly, this is one of the ‘easier’ times in my life. And it’s lovely.

These are the things God is doing in my life right now.

And I am truly blessed beyond necessity. We have plenty of food. The bills are paid. we live in a beautiful home in a lovely town with very sweet neighbors. I have two healthy fun children. I have gifts from the Lord on top of these things that are just that – gifts, not everyday necessities but it’s the icing on the cake.

These are the things I have from God.

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